Swim with Humpback Whales in Tonga

Join us for one of our Once in a Lifetime whale watch tours and find out why we are the operators of choice to the BBC , Australia's 'Escape with E.T.' and numerous other Television productions and professional photographers.

New for 2015 Dolphin Pacific Diving is reducing its group size to 8 passengers per boat.

We realise that getting the best opportunity to swim is important to our guests who have all travelled so far. Group sizes of 8 will give you ample opportunity to experience these beautiful animals if they are happy to interact with us.

We know how much swimming with a whale means to you and we will do our best to achieve this without harassment and working within Tongan Laws .....Our pleasure is in delivering the experience of a lifetime!

On all tours you will be accommpanied by experinced local skippers and qualified whale watch guides.

Along with your mask, snorkel and fins we will also include for your comfort and safety, a wetsuit. A light complimentary lunch will also be provided.

As each day on the water is different and we are just spectators in this unforgetable wildlife show we can see a huge variety of Humpback behaviour. We ,may get to hear the beautiful singing , see the stunning full body breaching , watch as a group of males persue a female mate or see a mother gently tending to her calf . The more days you spend on the water the more you will see.

For more details of the day and what to expect please look at our frequently asked questions page.

Humpback Whale Fact

Humpback whales "sleep" by switching off one side of their brain (they really doze more than sleep), the other half stays alert to think (Humpback whales need to think about breathing) and be alert of any dangers. Pretty cool!

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Copyright © | Liam Lynch
Copyright © | Liam Lynch